Compensation Negotiation: The Situation

The Situation

You are just ending the second interview with ABC Medical Devices for a sales manager role. You have had one interview with the HR manager and this is your second interview with VP of Sales. You have a bachelor of science and finished your MBA 2 years ago. You have been working as a sales representation for a pharma company after completing your MBA and have exceeded your sales target by 15% annually. Prior to getting your MBA you were working as a business analyst at the same pharma company for 5 years. Your current compensation is $80K annual salary plus 10% bonus for meeting your sales target. You received $90K last year as you exceeded your target. You have 3 weeks of vacation and a company car (value at $400/month lease and $100/month insurance). Being a sales rep you had flexible hours and only went to the office once a year. You feel the interview has gone very well.